Chalong bars

Ao Chalong bars

Where to drink in Chalong bay

There are plenty of bars to choose from in Chalong bay. Whether you want a couple of sundowners to finish off a great days diving, or you want to neck beers until the early hours you will find a place to indulge in Chalong.

A couple of our favourite Chalong bars, all within stumbling distance of each other.

Chalong bars

  • Tamarind Bar. An old favourite on the bay front close to Dickies lighthouse (previously Jimmy’s lighthouse). A great place to sink a couple of beers in the early evening and watch the speedboats return to the beach and disgorge their passengers. If the Tamarind bar is busy there are a couple of other similar bars along the road.
  • ATM bar. Sunrise Road has plenty of beer bars. Which one is best depends on which night you go but the ATM bar is consistently a fun and friendly place. It’s got a pool table and a darts board.

Other Chalong bars

  • It’s not really worth naming all the other hostess bars on soi Sunrise because they change so often. Just pick one you like the look of and try to avoid the grumpy old expat waiting for someone to bore.
  • The Green Man. Take the road west from Chalong circle towards Kata and you’ll find this over priced mock Tudor pub. Good for a pint of Guinness or Caffrey’s but for Sunday dinner we prefer Happy Days on soi Sunrise.


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