Why go diving in Phuket? Why not!
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Why Phuket diving?

A world class holiday destination with world class diving

The great thing about Phuket is that it’s got everything. There is amazing diving and so much more as well. There is really no reason not to come to Phuket.

No resort diving

Day trip diving from Phuket is unlike many other more remote diving destinations around the world. There are no true dive resorts on Phuket. Instead divers stay in hotels all around the island and transfer to and from the pier each day by minivan. Normally diving and accommodation are booked separately, not as an all inclusive package.


More than just diving

One of the great things about coming to Phuket to dive is that there is so much more than just diving to entertain you. Okay some of us just want to dive everyday but plenty of others want to dive one day and do another activity on another. Like sea kayaking in Phang Nga bay, zip-lining, parasailing or cycling.

Phuket has plenty for the non diving partner’s too. Like spas, shopping malls, local markets.

Phuket has some of the best food in the world, and you don’t have to eat in a fancy resort to enjoy it (in fasct it’s better if you don’t). The street food is amazing and cheap local restaurants are everywhere.

Need some nightlife after a hard day of diving? Phuket has plenty of it. Patong is the entertainment hub but Chalong has it’s fair share of beer bars. Or take in a dinner show like Siam Niramit or Phuket Fantasea.

Excellent services

Another advantage of Phuket as a diving destination is the services available on the island.

We have international hospitals and several re-compression chambers in case of decompression sickness.

We have supermarkets and shopping malls where you can buy almost anything. You are never far from a 7 Eleven or a pharmacy.

If you need to buy dive gear or get a reg serviced you can do it in Phuket.

Easy access

Phuket is serviced by flights from just about everywhere. Ferries come from Lanta, Krabi and Phi Phi. Night buses take 12 hours from Bangkok.

Land of smiles

Probably the reason people return to Thailand again and again is the people, you will not feel as welcome anywhere else in the world.

Phuket sometimes gets a bad rap for being touristy (what did you expect!) but the province has a unique and rich history and with a little effort you can get to know the local people.

Phuket is also a very safe country compared to others. It’s also incredibly child friendly in you are coming as a family.



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