Saphan Sarasin Phuket
Saphan Sarasin

Saphan Sarasin Phuket (Sarasin bridge)

Welcome to Phuket!

Saphan Sarasin (Sarasin bridge) is the road link between Phuket and Phang Nga province on the mainland. The Prak Pah Strait is only about 600 metres wide and before 1967 a ferry serviced the crossing. Then the original Saphan Sarasin was built.

There are now two bridges.  In 2011 a newer, higher and wider (4 lane) bridge was completed, official name Thao Thep Krasatti bridge.

When the new bridge was built the original bridge was renovated. The middle section was raised to allow boats to pass under, and a viewing tower was added. So the old bridge is now for pedestrians only, cars cannot get over. It has become a popular place to stop and take a photo. It’s also popular with local fishermen.

Both bridges are free to use.

Local kids like to jump off the old bridge and swim to the bank, the currents are fierce.

Saphan Sarasin

Lovers leap

Sarasin Bridge is notorious as a place to attempt suicide. In 1973 the bridge was the scene of a double suicide pact. Local Phuket bus driver Dam and his childhood sweetheart Gew were deeply in love and planned to marry. Gew’s rich parents did not approve of her relationship with the poor boy from Phuket and they forbid the union. Knowing that the father would never consent to a marriage, a pact was made, they decided to commit suicide. So they went to Sarasin Bridge, tied themselves together with a loincloth and jumped. When their dead bodies were recovered they were still locked in embrace.

Sarasin bridge

Just over the bridge, on the Phang Nga side, there are some market stalls which mostly sell pineapples and dried fish.

Just around the corner you will then find the Thanoon Seafood restaurant on the beach, a good place for sunset drinks and dinner. Look one way and you see the bridge, look the other way to the Andaman sea.


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