Shark Point Phuket dive site

Shark Point is located half way between Phuket and Phi Phi Islands. It’s about 25 km from Chalong pier, Phuket which takes most dive boats take about 90 minutes to get to. It’s usually dived in a 3 dive day trip along with the King Cruiser Wreck and Koh Doc Mai, or as the last dive on a 3 dive Phi Phi day trip.

Called Hin Musang in Thai, Shark Point is named after the Leopard sharks that are commonly seen here. Look for these docile sharks resting on the sandy patches at the edge of the reef.

Leopard shark
Leopard shark

Shark Point is a series of pinnacles starting with Shark Point One in the north which is the only pinnacle that breaks the surface. The other pinnacles run directly south, getting smaller and deeper so most dives cover just Shark Point One and Two.

Shark Point is rightly regarded as one of Phuket’s best local dive sites. On a good day it’s amazing, on a bad day when the viz is bad or currents strong it’s still above average. You will just see so much. Colourful soft corals and anemones cover just about every inch of rock, plus huge barrel sponges and gorgonian sea fans. Underwater photographers will need several dives here so that they can use a wide angle lens on some dives and a macro lens on others.

Shark Point highlights

Some marine life highlights to look for at Shark Point include:

Yellow Tiger tail seahorse
Yellow Tiger tail seahorse
  • Leopard sharks (look in sandy patches on the edge of the reef)
  • Blue spotted stingrays (look in the sand at 20 metres between pinnacles 1 and 2)
  • Cuttlefish
  • Giant Morays
  • Zebra Morays (look in the gully at the top of Shark Point 1)
  • Glassfish covering sections of the rock. Brush them aside to see what critters are in the crevices behind, like boxer shrimps, hingebeak shrimps and hermit crabs. Or groups of white eyed morays.
  • Lionfish (look in and around barrel sponges).
  • Scorpoinfish
  • Yellow Tiger Tail seahorse (divemasters know where they hide)
  • Ghost pipefish
  • Schools of blue lined snapper, fusilier, soldierfish, surgeonfish to name a few.

Because the pinnacles come right up to the surface a safety stop at Shark Point is a joy. In fact the maximum depth is 20-25 metres and you could spend your whole dive very shallow, that’s where the light is best and there are critters everywhere.

Shark Point Phuket dive site map


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